St Brendan’s school began from humble beginnings in 1887 as a one room wooden school located on the corner of Church and Wellington St. In 1908, a new brick infant school was opened on the current site, 103 Wellington Street. The administration and additional classrooms were added in 1913-1914 and were described by the Board of Health as ‘quite up to date and the finest school in Victoria’.

In those early days, religious sisters played an important role in the school as ‘wholly religious education could best be imparted by religious men and women’. The Mercy Order had a convent teacher training centre in Flemington and St Brendan's was often utilized as a 'teacher training' school.

St Brendan’s has flourished under the educational and spiritual management of

  • 1887 – 1897        Lay Principals

  • 1898 – 1908       Sisters of Charity

  • 1908 – 1981        Sisters of Mercy

  • 1982 – Current   Lay Principals

Today, St Brendan’s is a modern and well-equipped school, providing flexible and interactive learning spaces.