Victorian Curriculum

The staff and school community at St Brendan’s school are committed to providing a learning environment which encourages lifelong learning for all.

St Brendan’s School uses the Victorian Curriculum which outlines what is essential for all Victorian students to learn during their time at school from Foundation to Year 10. It includes a complete set of common state-wide standards which schools use to plan student learning programs, assess student progress and report to parents.

For more information click on the link to access the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority website:


Our Commitment

At St Brendan's School we are committed to:

  • our Catholic identity where we proclaim Gospel values centred on Jesus Christ as the model for life

  • planning a curriculum to which all learners are entitled to and which promotes high expectations for every student

  • developing the whole child in a culture of sharing and mutual respect

  • determining the needs and interests of the students and using these to personalise learning

  • provide an environment that promotes learning

  • embracing collaborative partnerships between home, school and the wider community to enhance student learning and wellbeing

  • strong teams and leadership structures which empower all teachers to be leaders of Teaching and Learning.