At St Brendan’s we strive to live by our vision as;

‘an inclusive community of learners “United in God”.’

Therefore, we believe that the wellbeing of students, staff and families is integral to the development of a collaborative and supportive school environment, providing positive student outcomes.

To enable wellbeing and community we promote Social and Emotional Learning as the umbrella under which we base our framework and processes.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process for integrating thinking, feeling and behaviour to achieve important social/life skills. SEL programming is based on the understanding that the best learning emerges in the context of supportive relationships that make learning challenging, engaging, fun and meaningful.


School Wide Positive Behaviours

School Wide Positive Behaviour is a support framework that St Brendan’s School practises as a way to plan and implement practices across the whole school, to improve educational and behaviour outcomes for all students.



St Brendan’s behaviour expectations:

We are Safe, Respectful & Active Learners

  • Students are able to state the behavioural expectations

  • Students use processes to discuss expectations that are challenging

  • Students are recognised for positive behaviours

Positive expectations and behaviours are explicitly taught and encouraged.

  • Data is collected and used for discussion and planning

  • It is a school-based approach


Student Services

At St Brendan’s School we identify and assist students who require extra assistance in their learning. This assistance may be for academic, social or emotional reasons. Students with identified specific needs will be catered for through Personalised Learning Plans, Parent and Student Support Groups and ongoing monitoring and assessment.

As part of this ongoing support, referrals may be needed to access further entitlements. This is done through Catholic Education Melbourne within the areas of Psychology, Speech Pathology and Educational Academic Support. Referrals are also made to other outside agencies.